The food safety system implemented at TOP Sabor - Produtos Alimentares is based on HACCP (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) System, which is a proactive system based on preventing problems relating to safety and hygiene of the food produced. In a simplified way, the system identifies specific hazards throughout all stages of production, processing and distribution, from the raw materials to the final product, and implements preventive measures to minimise the occurrence of hazards and establishes effective control measures.

It is a preventive system, because it makes it possible to detect potential food safety problems before they occur, or when they occur, applying immediate corrective action. This prevents the safety of the end product and consumer health being affected.

As the - HACCP - food safety system is an international benchmark, its applications harmonises food safety conduct, increasing safety and consumer confidence.

HACCP system prerequisites

For an HACCP system to be properly implemented and to work effectively, a number of prerequisites must be met. The prerequisites are necessary conditions for the control of hazards inherent to the state of repair of the facilities, equipment and employees. The prerequisites must ensure basic conditions, in environmental and operational terms, appropriate for production of safe food. Meeting the prerequisites makes it possible to subsequently implement an HACCP system according its principles on an on-going basis.