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User Agreement

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  • The user undertakes to properly use the applications needed to read the website content, understanding that a lack of adequate equipment or software can reduce, limit or prevent proper use of this website for reasons unrelated to the owner.
  • The owner reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time and without notice.

About the Content:

  • The holder reserves the right to use the formats it deems appropriate for its objectives, and can change them without notice.
  • Any content that the owner offer is a service to its users. This content can be used for informational or educational purposes, and its use by users does not make the owner responsible for any errors or omissions of the content if it is used outside of the context of this website and its objectives.


  • If the website should in any way allow the user to generate information for itself or third parties, either through a blog or directed link, or any other technical means, now or in the future, this information will be considered "Contributions". The user is thus informed that in this case they agree not to post or transmit any content that:
    • Violates the copyright law of any territory.
    • Induces or incites an illegal activity itself, constituting violations of the existing law and order.
    • Invites people with access to the "Contributions" to participate in activities that are dangerous, risky, illegal or threaten the physical and emotional health of others.
    • Alters people's mental state, intimidates or torments them or affects them in any other way.
    • Infringes legal standards and/or violates the rights and freedoms of individuals.
    • Is discriminatory regarding gender, religion, race or any other violation of the rights and fundamental freedoms granted and guaranteed by law.
    • Contains false or partial information that leads users to incorrect or unrealistic conclusions.
    • Incorporates illegal, violent, pornographic or degrading elements, content, messages, formats, products and services.
    • Contains viruses or other features that cause damage to other computers or website reading terminals.
    • Infringes the legal or regulatory rules on the confidentiality of communications, intellectual property, right to good name and honour and personal and family privacy.
    • Contains advertising, promotes and offers services such as but not limited to pyramid schemes, spam, etc.
  • The owner of the website, its technical manager, content manager and hosting provider cannot be held responsible for the information provided through "contributions" from third parties.
  • Any "contribution" may be used by the website owner, meaning that the author, in the event that it is the user, is subject to the possibility of the “contribution” being modified, either for academic or commercial purposes, provided this is carried out in accordance with the regulatory rules of copyright of the owner's country.

Own Content

  • The holder provides the content of the website to users as a free public service. This content can be used for informational or educational purposes, as users want, with the caveat that the owner of this website respects and recommends respect for the copyright that applies in each case. Accordingly, the owner is not responsible for errors and omissions that such use may contain.

Third Party Content

  • Specifically, regarding "contributions" from users or third parties, the owner warns these may contain errors, omissions, falsehoods, not be up to date, do not cite their sources, etc. It therefore takes no responsibility for and states that the "contributions" of third parties do not represent in any way the opinion or intention of the owner and/or its partners.
  • The owner is not responsible for interpretations of its content, or for its misuse. The owner will also not be held responsible for damages caused directly or indirectly by those who make decisions or take measures on viewing the website.
  • The holder shall not be liable for damages, direct or indirect, arising out of the suspension or termination of services, content or information provided by the website. In no way will the owner be held responsible for the consequences of improper or negligent use of passwords used to access the website.
  • The user assumes all liability for the use they make of the website or its contents, programme, service, information, product, document or software available on it. Any violation of the Terms and Conditions, or inappropriate acts and omissions involving and in any way harming the owner may result in the latter pursuing a claim through applicable legal channels in order to be reimbursed for incurred damages.